June 16, 2018 PopCentric

PopCentric featured on CitySeed

PopCentric was the featured in the CitySeed Vendor Spotlight!


Popcentric Gourmet Popsicles
We sat down with Vicki of Popcentric Gourmet Popsicles, one of the newest vendors to the markets this season! You can find her at the weekend markets & visit her storefront on 55 State Street in North Haven.

1. How did your business get started/How did you first get started?
When my children were younger I struggled to get them to eat healthy. I really wanted to incorporate avocado and healthier foods into their diet so I blended avocado and banana together and froze it into a popsicle and they loved it! When I learned that other parents were having similar issues I began experimenting with different flavors and expanding my consumer base. I also started making cool adult flavors for my friends and when everyone loved it I decided to start my business!

2. What’s unique about your product and flavors?
I like to combine very daring and unusual flavors!


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